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Posted in Contributions, Experiences with tags , , , on May 1, 2008 by Rigveda Deshpandey


What ever we do in life, when we do with passion, we leave a stamp of class in it and that is called excellence. As a whistler my focus in this piece of expression is limited to:
Excellence in whistling. Till two years ago I thought I was the best possible whistler of Hindi film tunes and my improvisations, which I did sometimes, impromptu, were unbeatable. Whenever and wherever I performed in my closed circles, I mesmerized people with my whistling.

When I went up to perform on stage for the first time in front of some 500 people, I realized how “best” I was, how “unbeatable” I was! Out of four songs I performed, prayer was O.K., my solo Ghazal was bearable, the duet I performed was somewhat better. Even though majority of the people clapped, a few of my close friends expressed their surprise at my low standard. And the last one with the drums and guitar was utter flop, failure, hopeless, horrible. Of course I was not well that day. I should not have gone up the stage at all. Still a lapse is a lapse, everything else is only explanation.
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