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WhistlEarth LIVE !! is not just an online version of our magazine or a cover character any more. Instead, it is as alive and whistling as a real person is.
Thus henceforth, whenever we travel aound the world for any show or event, it will be WhistlEarth travelling and those will be his journeys to the various places as a representative of the Internation Whistling Comunity lead by India.
Watch out for more of his excititng journeys!!
Work Hard, Whistle Harder,
Rigveda Deshpandey-The Maverick Whistler
Indian Whistlers’ Association

Whistling Training is Gaining Momentum

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A hearty “namaste!” to all my friends at the IWA.

I’d like to share with you my experiences as a lecturer and teacher of whistling in recent years. I hope you can find something of use in my advice, and remember what our friend The Maverick Whistler says, “Work Hard!! Whistle Harder!!!!”

Interest in learning how to whistle is gaining interest from a wide range of students. When I’ve given my lecture titled “Non-Traditional Instruments in Popular Music” at colleges around the U.S., whistling (or the puccalo, as I like to refer to it) is the instrument receiving most of the questions. Since the audiences are mostly music majors, the concept of adding a second (or third) instrument to one’s repertoire is often the point, as well as interest into how a whistler can accomplish various advanced controls of his/her instrument? Continue reading


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What ever we do in life, when we do with passion, we leave a stamp of class in it and that is called excellence. As a whistler my focus in this piece of expression is limited to:
Excellence in whistling. Till two years ago I thought I was the best possible whistler of Hindi film tunes and my improvisations, which I did sometimes, impromptu, were unbeatable. Whenever and wherever I performed in my closed circles, I mesmerized people with my whistling.

When I went up to perform on stage for the first time in front of some 500 people, I realized how “best” I was, how “unbeatable” I was! Out of four songs I performed, prayer was O.K., my solo Ghazal was bearable, the duet I performed was somewhat better. Even though majority of the people clapped, a few of my close friends expressed their surprise at my low standard. And the last one with the drums and guitar was utter flop, failure, hopeless, horrible. Of course I was not well that day. I should not have gone up the stage at all. Still a lapse is a lapse, everything else is only explanation.
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Using a computer to help you practice

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You are probably already using your computer to communicate with other whistlers through forums such as Orawhistle and the Indian Whistlers’ Association and to visit the scores of whistlers’ websites with all their whistling samples.

However, your computer can do a lot more to help you practice and prepare for your performances. In fact, it can become your personal whistling trainer.

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The Whistling Adventure

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At the age of two I crawled up on my fathers lap and the whistling adventure began. The old oak table with the lion claw legs held the brightly burning kerosene lamp. My sister and brother, sitting in the corner of the room were singing and yodeling western music to the tune of an old guitar. Since we lived in the country on a farm, miles from the farm houses there wasn’t a neighbor that I could play with so I would go to the barn, climb the steps to the hay mow and practice my whistling for the pigeons who were an attentive audience. Mother wasn’t exactly thrilled with my determination, as she would say, “whistling women and crowing hens always come to some bad end”.
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My Beginnings as a Whistler

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I was a four year old with serious kidney disease and had spent half my life in hospitals. Because I wasn’t well, I was expected to take long naps. I hated naps. One afternoon, bored and lonely and tired of pretending the end of my bed was a horse, I discovered I could make a low whistling sound. When I showed off my new talent to my family, everybody laughed! Here I was, a tiny girl, whistling really low notes. Never considering that what I had learned was real whistling, I continued casually with the skill, and learned to low-whistle simple songs. Occasionally, I’d show it off to my friends, and we’d all laugh at my strange-sounding trick.

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